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I’ve posted 2-3 times on this topic and I’m not a coach, but a parent of a 24 who attended. It seems like people who didn’t attend are trying to use others as a scapegoat for their program messing this one up. That’s no one’s fault other than the club owners and office staff. The few clubs that didn’t attend can’t blame other coaches, parents, or the iwcla for this. It isn’t about loving ourselves for attending. The question on if the event had coaches on 24 sidelines was presented as well as if it was a good event for players to be seen. The simple answer is yes. Over 600 coaches lined on 23 AND 24 sidelines definitely helps the kids who attended. No one is bad mouthing your team for NOT attending. You need to get over yourself and stop blaming others for the shortcomings.

Parent or not?
Not sure why you are taking this event so personal and needing to sell us all on how great it was or wasn’t. Unless of course you have something to gain in $$$ or status?
but you are beating a dead horse at this point.
We got your point many days ago and now you are arguing over the number of coaches, the impact of these coaches, then how to tell how many coaches and then circling back to arguing some more. Maybe you should find a new hobby or marketing strategy.

With all respect some of us check this and reply days after an original post.