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yes this is so true. parents should read this quote a few times and start doing some proactive things for their kids. having a JY uniform on does not mean you are automatically getting recruited and it also doesnt mean that YJ will do any of the leg work to help get you recruited. YJ focus is on the A team AND only the top 5 or 6 on the A team because they know that those are the girls that will commit to a top 10 school which makes it look good for the JY program

NO ONE is doing the legwork for your kid to get recruited except YOU and your kid. Do not rely on any coach, coordinator or director at ANY club to spearhead your child’s recruiting You must teach your child how to market herself (at camps and on social media) and how to advocate for herself ( with good film and emails to coaches). Which team you are on only gets you so far. No matter how great a reputation a club has the director or coordinator can only do so much and there are a ton of girls looking for the directors help. Be proactive. Look at naviance and college board and create a list of schools then look at the lacrosse programs and see if she can realistically play their. Send your emails and film always Keep your coach and director in the loop

Sound advice.

There are a very limited number of players who will attract the attention of the coaches at the Top 10 - 20 college programs. These are the players that don’t have to market themselves, the coaches watch the players play and the proactively reach out to the player. For most , the player I needs to be proactive in
Marketing themselves to college coaches. Do not believe the mantra “if you are good the college coaches will find you”. That may be true for the elite athletes but not for the majority of players.

- Identify target schools
- develop a plan to market yourself to coaches
- Identify influencers / trusted advisors.. people who can reach out to college coaches… Club Coach, Club Director, HS Coach, current players / former players at the school that you / your daughter might know etc… who are willing to reach out and put in a good word / ask the coaches to take a look.
- Be persistent (don’t be a pest) things change, coaches do not get all of the players that they want, they are consistently revising their list and prioritizing players.
- if your daughter receives interest from programs that she is not interested in look for similar caliber programs at schools she might be interested in. For the most part, birds of a feather… for the most part the recruiting process will tell you what level the player is most likely at.
- Coaches want players who want to go to their school and play for their program.[/quote]

I think most of this is helpful. Keep it classy BOTC.