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8th grade is the last year that you can talk about holdbacks. There are legitimate arguments that can be had how its really unfair. 9th grade you can't hear it anymore. There are 9th graders playing varsity. So no more of that conversation after this year please.

This is an idiotic statement. High school is high school. The rules for high school are 9th through 12th grade. Only the very top 9th graders will make a varsity roster. Club is different. You are theoretically collecting the best talent across an age group to compete. How about we take a group of high school seniors (2021) and put together the top talent in the region and go compete against another regions top freshman talent (2025). Are you really saying no difference? You cannot be that dense. I will give you once they hit junior year, the difference shrinks between juniors and seniors. But freshman vs. seniors, please. How about you quit cheating and just field an age appropriate team and see where the cards fall.