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I just learned that our organization may cancel or modify our winter training due mostly to players vaccination status. The facility happens be in NYC under the mandate. At this age all children are eligible. People are actually angry with the director's for not finding an alternate facility. Too bad. Here's is my 2 cents. Its a choice, yes, but if NYC mandates you must be vaccinated and you are not, than STHU about it and stay home. Those that chose to be vaccinated will be happy to attend with you. Again you made your choice now stop crying about it.
Most have already heard this is Igloo. The director waited until he collected their 1st installment before letting people know about the requirement. Yes, NYC requires... however, the director (and everyone else) knew that in advance and chose not to throw it on the parents until afterwards. Then, on top of that, he asked parents to complete a survey asking if they were, weren't or planned to get vaxxed before they start indoor. Vax or no vax (we're vaxxed), it's someone's choice and, if someone hasn't chosen to have their 12-15 kid vaxxed at this point, they shouldn't feel the need to do so for indoor lacrosse training just because its in NYC limits.