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We took 4 official visits, 3 of which required flights. The college picked up all travel costs for my daughter, including flights; our (parents) flights we had to pay for ourselves; college paid for hotel. Most meals were covered (we did go out on our own one night at our own cost, our choice to check out a particular restaurant). Based on the other experiences of parents of other girls on our club it has been pretty similar...the variable seems to be cost of meals....some are covered some are not...seems to be case by case....also, as above wrtier indicated, offers were made during the face to face meeting....on two occasions head coach met with each of the girls and their families privately (about 7 or 8 girls)....on the other two the coach met with about 4 of the 10 girls on the visit (although not sure if all 10 were on an official visit). Another thing to keep in mind (again, as previously posted but to confirm) it is not unusual for coaches to contact players when they are on an official visit with another school.....

If you are on a visit with other players/families - the girls they are most serious about may be the only ones to get a meeting with the Head Coach. We were on a visit with 7 total players and only 2 met with head coach (including my daughter), everyone else with assistants. Only those who met with head got offers which all happened right after the visit by phone. Not sure of their psychology there. But, probably want to meet to discuss how the meetings went? The coaches had a long list of questions they asked.

what kind of questions do they ask? did your daughter have a list of questions that she asked? curious how this all works (I have a 2024)

It varies by coach/school. Some very basic and others more tricky. Things she was asked at visits have included:

What do you look for in a teammate? And inversely she was asked what do you NOT want in teammates?
What character role do you play on a team?
What's the #1 reason our school appeals to you?
How would you respond to being played in a different position?
What techniques do you use to balance academics and lacrosse?
What's your biggest impact on your current teams?
What would you change about your high school team?
What are your goals for your college lacrosse career?
How did COVID affect your lacrosse life? Did you learn anything from it?
How do you manage failure?

That’s great! Thank you for that! For the people who’s daughters yet to go through this … this was very helpful. smile