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Stop trying to diminish it as though Yale could be greatly improved. The girl got into yale, one of the top schools in the world, she’ll be set for life, and she’ll be able to play lacrosse too, that’s amazing, good for her! Best of luck. Parents need to stop worrying about the lacrosse team, and start realizing the academics, that’s all that really matters. No one cares if you win a national championship, however every job you apply for Will care if you graduated from Yale. This site is so toxic and ridiculous…

Mostly agree, but you can actually have all of that and a good lacrosse team if you choose Penn, Princeton or Stanford (too far) or NW (far, but a real shot at a championship). The other schools that have chances at championships are definitely not even close academically. It’s a shame that Yale, Harvard and Columbia can’t get their lax teams straightened out!

“If you choose Penn, Princeton or Stanford or Northwestern “ …. Pretty sure those programs have to choose the player. Relatively very few players receive offers from the schools that you mentioned, it’s not as simple as “choosing “ …. The school has to offer you a spot.

As far as Yale, Harvard and Columbia getting their lax teams “straightened out” it will not happen anytime soon. There is not enough talent to go around, that is why we see the same 10 - 15 teams always at the top. It’s not just the three schools that you mentioned, a lot of very good schools have a hard time bringing in top tier talent.

Congratulations to the young woman and her parents and best of luck to all who are going through the process. Be thankful for all of the opportunities that this sport provides.