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15 national titles, I think it’s fair to say the best players have indeed picked MD over and over again. And look, MD isn’t on my kids radar either. She’s not good enough to play there. She might end up at a school held in higher academic esteem but only because there are so many factors at play and there are plenty of schools looking for players of her caliber.

To the MD naysayer, good luck in the process. Sounds like your kid will have far more opportunities than anyone I’ve ever heard of. I don’t mean that facetiously, I just don’t know anyone else in the lacrosse community who has had that type of interest. I’m glad there are kids out there still getting those kinds of looks and with that kind of all around appeal to be garnering that kind of attention. We all have to support our kids in their own process.

There is no denying MD is the most successful women’s lax program, period. The decline someone mentioned is more likely just a dip in 2020-21, and they will continue to compete for national championships for many years to come. But I also know that for many players who actually “can” get recruited to play there, it is not even a thought. If your daughter is a great player, it opens a great many doors to many schools. If she is a great student, it opens many more doors as well. Despite what you hear on this site, these kids still need great grades, great scores and challenging course loads to gain entrance to the highest level schools. Lacrosse certainly helps get very good students in to schools that otherwise may be out of their reach. Point is, if you want all the doors open, your daughter needs to be a great player and a great student. And while MD program is probably #1 school on the list from a pure lacrosse standpoint, it is definitely not what many are looking for academically. For some students it may be a tough school to get into through regular admission, for many, not really. Someone on here seems to want to make a point that if #1 lax school MD wants your daughter, she must want to play there. And if you think otherwise, she must not be a good enough player. I guess my point is this is not the case. Many great players, who have the doors wide open, who can play for MD if they choose, do not want to play for MD.