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If your saying that the National Draw is a better tournament simply because you get home faster, and spend $200.00 less then maybe that is the place for your daughter. I for one , want my daughter seen by as many coaches as possible. If I am a little inconvenienced over that than it is a burden I am willing to carry to help my daughter achieve her goal. Nat Draw had a very unimpressive list of coaches. If your daughter is playing just for fun than that is the place for you.

Good grief, get some reading comprehension help, I was in Richmond last weekend being taken advantage of (not "inconvenienced") by Corrigan Sports and the IWLCA. Also had a Middle Schooler at Nat Draw with her mom, mercifully too young for inclusion in the IWLCA Champion's Cup or Capital Cup. Just a simple example of the obvious, that you can actually play 4 games plus in less than 3 days with little if any effort (everyone but IWLCA manages to).

Have one already playing D1, one already recruited and the best of the three still to come. Been through it all many times and it wasn't always like this.