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Any would be amazing, but if the offers came:


Mostly agree. Just about a perfect list for my reasoning. Except I would put Northwestern maybe just above Yale, cold and crappy Chicago is a tough sell. UNC and BC are decent academically, don’t compare with the rest on this list, but give you a shot at a title. Other popular schools I agree would not be on my list for my daughter, MD, Florida, Syracuse etc…good lacrosse, shot at title, but if your daughter had a shot at any or these on this list, it’s a no brainer, unless she wants to be a college coach out the back, I discourage that thought, the big picture is to get your daughter to set herself up for the rest of her life. I see crazy amounts of really great players, kicked butt, won all kinds of awards, natty champs etc… lost in life and direction when all is said and done. Have a better plan!

Ignorant statement.

i think its spot on for some. My daughter does not want to be a career lax girl or coach. nor is she a top 20 school ....but she has some very good options. Its ok for some but she is looking for lax to help her get into a good school with career options. Not ignorant at all. Just reality.