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If Covid made it so tough to get recruited for D1 how would one explain all the no-name kids, from no name lacrosse programs and no-name high schools that made it to division one? The best went D1 with very few exceptions. It is that simple. Also awards mean nothing. The best record schools get a bunch of spots for all county while the lower finishing schools may not get any even though there are deserving kids who should make it over a first place school kid. The same could be said about All Long Island. Very political process. The major lacrosse HS program coaches have the most say on who gets selected. Not taking anything away from those who made all Long Island. I will say most of those kids who got all Long Island did deserve it but some kids were left off for kids who came from schools with a great record and a coach with political pull.

The elite players had spots in the top 25 schools as soon as the recruiting period started. First of all, this class was the first one who couldn't be recruited in 8th grade, and had to wait until the fall of their sophomore year. So if you were a late bloomer, or not on an elite travel team, it made it difficult to make it to a top 25 D1 school. My son had plenty of interest from the mid majors, but since he didn't play at a powerhouse HS, or play for an elite team, they wanted to see his Junior season.That was taken away, along with the summer and fall. He was asked to go to top 10 schools after a PG year, and decided to take a D2 offer at a school that fit him academically and he will have a chance to make a run for a championship. If you haven't been through the process with all of these changes that the 2021 player have faced, you just don't get it.[/quote]

A lot of 21s got those offers for a PG year. Let’s see if they honor those agreements. From what it looks like they have not based on the 22 commits. So your son made the right choice taking the offer he had and not waiting. Like many kids for 2021 my guy had offers early from top D1 programs. Like many with top D1 offers he chose a mid level D1 with great academics. If you son had visited top 10 D1 and met the coaches you know that those top ten school lacrosse kids have a different college life compared to the mid level D1. Top ten is all lacrosse life and that is It. They even recruit much different. Many don’t want that. So many 21s who could play for a top 10 chose to go to mid level D1 as they do every year which is not covid related. These players took up many mid level D1 spots. More so for 2021 since it was a very talented year and kids who would make D1 every other year did not make it this year. As a result of the great amount of talent for the 2021 year it was a challenging year all together to get a D1 offer but not covid related because none of the D1 programs let a kid go to a D2 or D3 school who they wanted.