W/E Results for HoCo Elite teams:

Next Level Blue 4-0 (Mad Dog, LI Express, Looney's, CLCA u14) + 22 GD
FCA 3-0 (LI Express, Leading Edge, DCE Black) +22 GD
91 MD 3-0 (Philly Freedom, True IL WS, Mad Dog) +29 GD
Cannons Gold 3-0 (CLCA u14, Looney's, VLC) +4 GD
DCE Black 2-1 (W vs Leading Edge & LI Express, L vs FCA) +3 GD
Madlax Capital 2-1 (W vs Hawks Green & Regulators, L vs WCS Gold), +5 Goal Differential
Hawks Green 1-2 (W vs WCS Gold, L vs Madlax Capital & Prime Time) -2 GD

I've seen that 91 is the team to beat at 2025 Elite, but based on the scores and observations at Spring Kickoff games, NL Blue and FCA are going to give them trouble. Even though they won, I heard that 91 did not look good vs Mad Dog (playing in their 6th game of the weekend) and MM was losing his mind and berating/belittling his players for the majority of the game (sidebar: how/why does anyone play for this guy?). I would not be surprised if 91 misses the playoffs in May. Not sure what is going on in Annapolis, but Hawks have beaten teams like the ones they played last weekend in the past. FCA appears to have strengthened their roster since last summer. NL Blue and DCE Black players were playing on multiple teams so likely running out of gas on Sunday. If Madlax can bring all of their out-of-area players to every game they along with DCE Black, NL Blue and FCA are likely top 4 in 2025 Elite. Should be a drama filled spring which I'm sure will be bantered about here.