I enjoy knocking the Hawks for their "four" holdbacks and their crazy/frustrated Dads as much as anybody, but I do call BS on this. Hawks afraid to play True? Seriously? Now that is a good one.[/quote]

True vs Chickens at 4[/quote]

Very easy to tell when the kids get out of school.[/quote]

Has True 26 taken and won against any elite teams? That's what they should worry about. Not whether they can take on Hawks.[/quote]
who is on this True team? where were they playing before? The only one I know is True Illinois, which was like their National level team, i guess. They came to the east coast last year and were beaten easily. Help me understand why would this True team would be more viable.[/quote]

If you guys are playing them in Delaware, I would guess you will see players from their NJ & PA teams as well if they don't have a game.[/quote]

True is hosing the Atlantic Spring Classic in Delaware so we will assume this will be the True MidAtlantic team that the Hawks saw in the fall.