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Never said there were not 19 year olds playing. Said you couldn't turn 19 until school started, therefore playing as a 20 year old. Again...urban legend.

I think you know what I meant my man. Since we are wordsmithing everything, you can turn 19 before school starts and not play as a 20 year old. There was a 21 year old(again, verified not heresay)!who was playing a sport in the MIAA a couple seasons ago. Even the college he plays at, their bio has the age I saw on an official document a few years ago. Young man is 24 as a redshirt sophomore.

I am almost too scared to tell you what I know about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny lol

Different poster and a couple of things. Are you saying students who turn 19 on or after 9/1 shouldn't allowed to play high school sports as a senior? I agree the 9/1 date for class based sports is way too generous and should be dialed back to at least 1/1 or 4/1 really.

And it seems as if you are taking one example of 1 student a couple of seasons ago who was snuck through the system not playing lacrosse and making it out to be a rampant issue. If rampant is defined as 3-4 in the MIAA in any given year then ok. That 3-4 who are born prior to 9/1 the year before and are playing on class based teams is ridiculous. As those kids get to high school, those are the ones you always see transfer to post grad schools.