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Nice thing about men’s college lacrosse is that most of the D1 options are good to great academic schools. Of course there are some not so good too. Also there are some great D3 academic options. In short D1, D2 and D3 all offer a chance for kids to get into a much better academic school than they would have without lacrosse. Championships are nice but I would hope a kid picks a great academic school that is a great fit over anything else.
A very small percentage, under 1%, of players will benefit from any type of lacrosse recruitment to college. Of those that do, the reward is an even smaller percentage for tuition reimbursed. You're NOT going to any college without excellent grades and well rounded extra curriculars. Lacrosse is rarely a part of that equation. The college coaches will let you know right away where you rank and it wont be at some freshman or sophomore money grab showcase. Don't be fooled into thinking your investment in youth lacrosse will be rewarded with a scholarship. Pay and play because your kid wants to not you. Its their journey.