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What age is your daughter? Why are you so unhappy with SS? If you are leaving why are you even on this page? Just leave and start trouble in a different organization when your daughter isn't the stud you think she is. Maybe it's not TG's, it's you the parent?

Seriously you TG parents are insane. The YJ parents I have met over the years all know that CR has her faults mainly related to the fact that its essentially just a business and she will help your daughter more when it helps her to promote her business and less when it does not. TG parents are completely blind to the over the top behavior from their club owners . Maybe the poster you are replying to is on here to legitimately warn others who are thinking of joining TG. I recall the warning about a certain coach being a terrible role model on this site when the final 4 was at SBU many years ago and it seems it helped me avoid a bad situation.