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Just look at the stats. Grade point average for students admitted to the University of Virginia 4.35, Georgetown 4.01 ,Cornell 4.07 and UPenn 3.88 all out of 4.0. They all have the same ACT and SAT scores. They all seem very similar with Virginia being the highest admitted grade point average and Upenn being the lowest. I find it hard to believe that there is a distinction between any of these schools.

Double checked the grade point average listed. They are correct with the exception of Cornell. Cornell is a 3.9. So the highest GPAs of those schools are Virginia which is the highest and Georgetown is the second highest. U Penn is the lowest. Everybody including prospective employers knows the Ivy League schools do not take the smartest kids anymore.[/quote]

GPA is just a small piece of the puzzle to college admittance. Every HS has its own way to calculate GPA so its not apples to apples.[/quote]

Pretty sure most if not all Ivy's use an "unweighted" GPA (4.0 scale) for admissions... Many schools do in fact use a "weighted" GPA that is why some schools show higher than a 4.0.... Also, High Schools are all very different some being more competitive than others... definitely not comparing apples to apples... and, as the post above states, "GPA is just a small piece of the puzzle to college admittance".