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to all the newbies...during years when TG coaches have a lot of say who gets on the same garbage happens. seen it with two older girls. dont even bother. my daughter outscored everyone during local tryouts and made the uncommitted team each year. was happy with her recruitment. but yes.. if youhave been around the block you know it was totally predetermined and BTW college coaches know it too.

Can you at least use some punctuation so your ramblings make some sort of sense . If you think college coaches have any clue about LI UA tryouts and how political they are you are sadly mistaken .Your daughter “outscored everyone “ could be the saddest commentary yet but it makes me think your entire post was just some lost with nothing better to do than stir the pot . While I agree the tryouts have always been political don’t kid yourself making the UA teams still helps the players resume and catches the college coaches attention.