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You guys are ridiculous. It sounds like it was a 15 second scrap at the end of the game, not a UFC fight

In the interest of accuracy and truth, I went ahead and spent $300 to purchase the game film. wink

It was, in fact, a 15 second scrap at the end of the game. Neither bench cleared. Kids from both teams tried to calm things down. There was not a single punch thrown or stick swung - just a lot of pushing and wrestling on the ground.

It was still idiotic, and was the culmination of a lot of trash talking throughout the game by kids on both teams and a clearly frustrated Looney's team.

In the interest of double checking you, I went ahead and spent 300 dollars for game film too. You are correct in your description of events, I will add that I have seen cat fights with more energy.

Sure you did; so you are lying, I mean denying the Gilman kid kicked the ProStart kid in the face when he was down? Even the Loyola kids on ProStart were embarrassed by their HS Teammates. You Looney's parents are a real piece of work!! Your club is a complete embarrassment at the 2023 level. Coaching is a disgrace; 2 dad coaches and horrible at it. This is more of a social club catering to friends then a real lacrosse club!! Buyer beware; daddy/friend ball at its finest.

Wow, You must be a barrel of fun to be around. It is called a sense of humor , might want to look into it. You have some real issues going on inside that brain