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How much do these showcases matter in the scheme of things? Are kids actually getting recruited based on their performance in these events or are these mostly money grabs? Are college coaches more focused on club based recruiting tournaments or can kids get recruited just from these showcases?

Asking bc I’m sick of the club game. My son’s with one of the bigger LI clubs that isn’t 91 or Express. We didn’t get any refund last year and this year they loaded up the roster and charged the same amount. Thinking about signing him up for a bunch of individual showcases next summer and quitting the club before I have to give another payment.

Showcases are absolutely a great way to be seen by a plethora of colleges, especially from ones that your child is interested in. Also, what I like about showcases is that they are small, boutique and the coaches can really focus in on the 80-160 players versus a tournament which may have 100 colleges in attendance but spread across 15 fields. I am not saying tournaments are not worth it bc I think they are absolutely are (especially depending on what club team you play for). I hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions.