You need to go on recruiting websites. You will see girls are being recruited to high level schools from all over the country. Maybe not as many girls all from one team like Skywalkers 22 blue - but the recruiting is geographicallyspreading. Being on a Baltimore area club team is no longer a sure fire way to be recruited. The above poster is correct - you need to stand out on y our team.

While I understand you have an older daughter and speaking from experience, I feel like colleges do consider the club a girl comes from or atleast gives more notice to some club players over others. For instance, as soon as recruiting opened up MnD has been non stop posting the players that are being recruited, no other club even seems comparable, unless they just aren’t posting the players achievements[/quote]
M&D is the only club that posts all the players who are recruited. I have not seen anything posted about recruits by Hero's or Sky Walkers, unless the players or parents posted it[/quote]