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I don’t know about M&D being dominant. They lost a couple of good players to Skywalkers and Heros gave them a real beat down yesterday.

Since my oldest in almost done with club lax I can tell you that no one cares about M&D dominance - no college coaches - no other clubs - no parents from other clubs. The teams begin to even out by high school. Teams that M&D used to stomp - begin to either beat M&D or give them close competitive games. The only people who care about M&D supposed dominance are M&D parents. And they catch on quickly once their daughters get to HS and see girls from other "less dominant" clubs being recruited at the same rate as the girls on M&D teams. Since t his forum is about 25's I'd look at the M&D 25 track record against area clubs. They've lost to Lady Blue Crab, Skywalkers, Hero's, and haven't won the NGLL tournament yet. There's no dominance. It is a strong team in an area with other strong teams. And good for those girls.