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All true but the original point was why isn't there a club program in southern chester county. High School and youth are different conversations with different variables to consider. Avon Grove, Kennett, and Oxford don't have the numbers to support a full scale youth program. They couldn't sustain player movement because the top kids would leave to programs they perceive are better. And there would be enough kids to field competitive teams. If it were feasible certainly someone to this point would have launched something down there if they could profit from it.
I think there are more than enough kids in southern Chester county to build and sustain a club lax organization if they start with just the younger ages and build from there. You won't be able to form high school aged teams overnight, but no reason you couldn't have 2027-2029 squads and just annually add new ones at bottom age group as long as you get some solid coaches willing to teach. You don't need to be a national power to sustain a club, just find your niche. Look at Fusion. They tend to struggle on the field and go to less prominent tourneys, but they get lots of kids coming out each year as they have great coaching and kids who can't get playing time on clubs like Freedom, Mesa, Roughriders, Brotherly Love, etc. who still want to play club lax. No reason a SoChesCo Club couldn't exist.