“Are you that dense? Nobody said that a 21 year old NCAA 1st Team All-American was jealous... Oh, and BTW... it is highly unlikely that the parents of the player in question are on here responding to your nonsense.

I think the point of the post that you are responding to was that "nobody" (except the people who made the decision) agrees with the selection. Some of us just don't see the point of trying to knock the player (because she did not select herself). You have made it personal and continue to attack the player as having "done nothing" in her HS career (which is obviously false). You are obviously bitter and that's okay. Personally, I just don't like reading anonymous, unsubstantiated attacks on players.”

Your bitter /jealousy response is ignorant. If they had selected an actual deserving player people would not be saying anything about the selections . Again you try to justify the selection by using questionable and saying the “people who made the decision “ actually agree with it when in fact the person ( Spallina) knows it’s unethical but just does not care because he has enough sycophants like you telling him how wonderful he is .
As far as the parents being on here I can guarantee that’s more likely than a player who has not played an actual lacrosse game in 22 months ,has never played a college game ,never been a US lax AA, never the best player on her team and did not make the U19 team getting an invite to tryout for the women’s national team .

As far as what you personally like no one cares and saying unsubstantiated just shows your lack of a grasp of the English language .