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Severn made the playoffs in 2018. What's the last time Spalding, John Carroll, MSJ, or even Gilman(not trying to lump Gilman in the same category as those programs) did that? Severn actually has a rich history and puts together a playoff team every couple of years. For having ~200 boys and ~50 in the lacrosse program that is real impressive. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're with Spalding, in which case didn't they get curve stomped by Broadneck? Severn's program is actually headed in a good direction. They've got some talented underclassmen and their head coach recently got a job in admissions. How are you gonna say Severn should drop to the B conference when they aren't even a bottom three program(MSJ, JC, Spalding)?

Spot on. Lots of chirping from the folks I like to call "nouveau lacrosse". I believe Severn has a good 2023 class and is upgrading their talent considerably. Their issue is not top end talent but depth. Saw them push LB to the brink in the playoffs during the last five years with the attackman now playing at Penn. As referenced, there are a number of programs who would drop to B before Severn.