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If I’m paying 3k to 4K +++ per year, for my kid to play on some very average B team, and my kid loses playing time to some kid that isn’t even on the team, then I am one pissed off ombre! Can someone enlighten me as to why a paying customer would put up with a coach like that?

It's good business and all clubs do it. They take 23 - 30 kids knowing only 15-18 will play. The rest either are happy anyway and stay for whatever their reason or leave and are replaced by someone else. The ones who leave go to another club. Their kid either plays there causing other people to leave for greener pastures, or they don't and the kid leaves and trys somewhere else. Either way, kids move teams and clubs and the cycle repeats itself.

Clubs make money. Unrealistic parents get fleeced. Unrealistic people get fleeced anyway so there is no difference with this and anything else.