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WSYL in MD! Haha. No more excuses boys!

My kid wants to compete against the best on age kids.

If you tout you’re the best, but don’t show up this year at WSYL, you’re a _______. (Rhymes with Woosy)

I truly hope you show. Win or lose...My kid wants to play the against best.

Time to put up, or shut up.
Your 12 year old doesn't care about the competition, he just want to play lax and have fun. YOU want him to platy against the Hawks so that if his team wins, YOU can brag to your buddies that your boy is a stud or more likely a role player on a really good team.

Lame. Put up or shut up!

FACT: No top team is going to WSYL. WSYL will be an assembly of B teams showcasing dropped balls, loose ball mosh pits and bad coaching. Keep your money and use your time on something more worthwhile.

With WSYL now in MD, now is the chance to prove it’s a B tournament.

More importantly, no more will there be the need to battle the holdback arguments...Don’t you want that to go away? Trust me, all on age kids do!

No more excuses bub...Time to put up or shut up.