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4 of the kids should be rising Seniors. The Culver kid is as old as many college freshman. So - 40% of the top 10 22s are reclassed/holdbacks. I’d bet the top 100 has a similar ratio. An average 21 makes a stud 22. Age based club lacrosse would stop this nonsense in its tracks.

In a few years you will be complaining about redshirts too. And the kid that could afford a PG. If a kid is good he is good. Period. Older kids have less upside and younger kids have more. Its all relative. Just go out and play. Stop worrying about the other kids, coaches, clubs etc. It doesn't matter and neither does your opinion, someone else opinion, or your club coaches opinion. The only opinion that matters is a college coaches. And more importantly than that, you should probably worry about raising your kid to be great not better than someone else lost.