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[quote=Anonymous]I agree, wish we could see more of these matchups on Long Island. Jesters came to us today and quite honestly were in control for most of the game. I was impressed with that team. Very skilled group and well coached.

Maybe YJ was too quick to proclaim themselves the top team in the age group. Too many individuals not enough team play. No way 8-10 UA girls if it’s a legit tryout

It will be mostly YJ girls! It is the politics of LI lax, get used to it.

Lol!! Cearly you are not faimiar with the 2023 TYs, the redheaded step child of the organization. There are two studs on that team, one a new addition, one origional. Also, being that the Jesters coach is also one of the UA coaches, the breakdown will probably look somthing loke this:

Jesters: 4-5
TG: 5-6
YJ: 4-5
Legacy: 2-3
Other: 2

Tryouts in NJ Is this really hapening