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My 2022 was selected for UA150 & also participated last year. Sadly these comments aren't too surprising as lax parents are often salty when their child isn't the "chosen" one. The number of participants has increased substantially because players are talking about what an amazing experience it is. Its amusing but expected to hear folks call it a money grab. It is free to apply & if you're lucky enough to be selected you then pay entry fee which IMO is worth every cent. Although the swag bag is worth the entry fee alone (including a new stick) that is secondary to the exposure girls get to coaches as well as meeting/competing against talented peers from across the country. It speaks volumes of a player's ability when she is able to adapt quickly (or not) to unfamiliar players & coaching styles. The 2019 roster is public & its refreshing to see multiple club teams mentioned not just the familiar power house. Your comment about few M&D players is misleading there are quite a few although, for whatever reason, too many of you see them as the litmus test. In addition, the 2020 coaches is public and many are highly competitive programs and respected academic institutions. Sour grapes to frown upon 2019 attendees as not quality. To suggest the younger girls don't get "noticed" is inaccurate and obnoxious. My 2022 had a handful of coaches from UA150 seek her out this year at President's Cup as a result of her participation over the summer. Moreover, players get a chance to work with coaches intimately in a fast paced environment because they coaching staff changes throughout the two days. Personally, I believe coaches get a unique perspective to evaluate players when they are out of their comfort zone and have to make quick decisions when under pressure w/o the benefit of knowing teammates for years. My daughter is not "connected", neither my husband nor myself have played lacrosse much less coach and she doesn't play for M&D. She is an excellent athlete with a positive attitude and coachable so I assure you she earned roster spot. Please stop poisoning the well just because your daughter wasn't selected you're nothing but a disgruntled malcontent with a fragile ego. Congratulations to the 2022/23 players that were selected its a great experience.

Glad you had a good experience, but it is a money grab. The price is ridiculously high for playing some games in front of mostly 2nd/3rd tier D1 and D2/D3 coaches. Much better off spending that money going to multiple camps at schools your daughter is interested in. No sour grapes here. My daughter is a 2021 and played in UA150 after 8th grade. Wasn't worth the money then and still isn't. There are several 2021 girls that made the UA150 all star team after 9th grade that aren't even committed. That should tell you something.