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So who will be the top teams? Obviously McDonogh will start out that way.

SPSG is a .500 team, but very good coaching. Not sure they have anyone coming in to add value. But very good coaching. Will NDP be that good? They lost some power players and the JV is not that good.

Bryn Mar added some very good young goalies, but its Bryn Mar. Soooo....nope.

GCS is still the little sister trying to be cool.

Spalding loses a good amount of seniors, but returns some heavy hitters. Probably the best farm system JV team out there. They come in as national top25 team. Overreach perhaps? Coaching is suspect at times. Any young talent entering that program?

Will any others step up? Severn School...umm, No. St. Marys...has players. Gerstell...on the move for players but not there yet.

GCS is still the little sister trying to be cool...?...All they have done since moving to the A in 2017 is go 28-9 and make the semi final all 3 years. I'm pretty sure they're cooler than you.

Well...its a pretty top heavy league. Its always 4-5 team division. So being in that tier means you have something going for you all. Going to the semis every year is a fine feather for that hat. But what have they done against the top tier teams aligned with them?

They do not really compete with McDonogh, which is whom they are trying to emulate. So until that starts to happen, they will remain the little sister trying to be cool.

Be serious...GCS recruits heavily. That is no secret and they are not alone. They have the coaching ties and the name sake to throw around, but yet they just can not get over the hump. I am certain they will someday, but not there yet and not there this year.

Since only 1 team has beaten McD in the past 10 years or so, I guess every other school in the conference is the little sister. Based on that criteria, no one else has been any good. Seriously, you don't find it at all somewhat impressive that GCS has made been a top 3 team in the league since they moved up to the B conference?