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"You are wrong. Speaking for Nassau anyway, the top teams in Nassau or Suffolk 4 would handily beat any Nassau 2 teams outside of GC and MacArthur this year. Bottom of Nassau 1 is awful and only Plainedge was good from conference 3. "

"How in the world did you come up with MacArthur and not Manhasset. Unless mistaken, MacArthur lost to Roslyn in the playoffs last year and they are in the lower B conference."

First off, was discussing football and this season. As for lacrosse and last year, Manhasset in my view WAS the best team in Nassau. Not sure what happened MacArthur vs. Roslyn last year in lacrosse or if they even played, but I would be shocked if Roslyn beat them last year in lax...

Just an observer but if this is a lacrosse forum why are you discussing football?