The joke is every dad or mom that is bashing this team, would have and still would jump, at the opportunity to have their child play on the team. Hypocrites every last one of you.
Every one that takes their child to a summer travel team does so in hopes that their child not only develops into a better player by playing with better players but also because the travel team in most cases is more competitive then their town team.
They are looking to give their child an opportunity to play on the best team that they possibly could, well guess what the Barracuda parents I'm sure are looking to do the same thing.
Please lets not use the "loyalty card" because that goes both ways. Do you think the Express, 91. fl$ or the Outlaws will think twice when it comes to dropping your child from the A team to the B team if your child's level of play starts to drop.
Don't be naive, most clubs will say little Johnny would be better off going to the B team as he will get more playing time and will be the go-to guy, etc. It is just the ways it is and you better get used to it at an earlier age each year as these All-Star teams start cropping up all over the place.