B division
Seems like its a 3 team race with ESM, WB, WI.
I think WI will see that life in the B,C,D is no easy task and being unfamiliar with many of the teams will make for a difficult regular season. That said the coach is very good so come playoff time they will be dangerous but I think will need to go thru both ESM and WB and that will be too much to ask.
ESM will be the popular vote here returning alot of senior leadership and will be strong at every position with kids sitting on the bench that would be starters on just about every other team. The problem for this team will be more about if the individual players would rather score than win, not the best team at sharing the ball .
WB , still very young but with some solid seniors leading the way. The are not nearly as deep as ESM and will need several younger players to contribute but I like their chances as they return essentially their whole team minus the goalie. When the playoffs roll around this year I think the coaches of WB will have the edge and win the B.
Will do the most interesting division next C.