Isn't club supposed to be more advanced than rec, for kids that want to hone in on a primary sport, and definitely play in HS? For $2,000/yr the expectation should be that the league is very challenging, correct? Because for $100 during Spring, they can just play rec for fun, correct? We've had age spreads for 30 years, so safety should not be an issue for two consecutive grades playing together. Are we sure that people aren't signing up for club, mistaking it for a community service, like rec, because, for example, friends and buddies are doing it? For $2,000/yr, plus travel, the league better darn sure emulate what to expect for the foreseeable future. I'm not paying that kind of money for my kid to have a false expectation that he is a superstar. I think kids under the "holdback" argument should play up at age or even +1 depending on ability all day long until HS, but honestly, if my kid thinks he's one of the best kids out there, because it's only kids exactly his age, he's not getting better, and he's not pushing his limits. Does anyone really want their kid to be the best 10 year old anything, except maybe best brother or sister to his siblings!? I say play up until HS, but I also want my kid to be pushed a bit, so yeah, it's a tough argument at the youth level.