Are there any programs that her friends play for that are not TG or YJ? What is their feedback? Sometimes it is easier, especially when they are a little older to know someone on the team they are going to. There is no right answer to the club question. We have friends who's daughters are happy on YJ (a, b and c teams), TG (a and b teams), fl$, Liberty (depending where you live (this one has often been underestimated for the level of coaching you get there) and a few others out there depending on what their goals are. From watching them play it also seems that Elevate has some need for quality players and you may be able to position your daughter in a good spot there at her age group. We have heard many negatives about Beach B, as of late. It used to be a better option a few years ago, but seems to be loosely organized as of now. Talk to people, find out which program matches with your families goals and financial commitment. Pick a few and go to tryouts. You will get a feeling from tryouts on how you like the organization and how the fit is in many instance. Our daughter plays for a new club that was started as a boys club. But they are run completely separate, and most people on the girls side of our club forget or don't even realize there is a boys side. Our girls director, has total control and is extremely involved in all the teams and player development. The oldest age group is your daughter's age and there are two teams. I am sure you can figure out the program.

I think the coaching models that utilize adult coaches are the best for player development. Not to say having a college student as a coach along side an adult is a bad thing to the contrary it is a good thing, good role model, up to date on latest techniques, the girls usually look to them as role model. But adults are usually better equipped to develop long term learning and development plans for teams and individuals. There is nothing wrong with YJ, TG or the club we are at as long as it fits for your daughter and you are comfortable with the families on the team she is on. That in many instances is the "X" factor.