everyone on both sides of this debate paints with too broad a brush...some athletes will be late bloomers, some athletes will always be the best-not because they are bigger than the other 7th graders (that is the holdback trap) because they have natural physical abilities that other people don't have.

if a college coach recruits a young kid, why do the others who weren't recruited care? If a college coach doesn't recruit any young kids, why does anyone care?

early recruiting has been going on for years in many sports, lax just seeing it now because the sport has more visibility than ever before.

for the record, both hofstra and loyola recruited and verbally committed 9th graders last year.

the clear advantage will be with the early recruited kid that continues to be the stud. he or she will have more leverage entering 11th grade and be able to get more $ from some other great school...

the rest of the argument or debate is pointless and silly. parents and kids that want to be recruited early-for whatever reason, will chase the dream. parents and kids that don't think it is a wise move, will simply wait. why anyone seems to think it is the downfall of lax is beyond me.

the game is expanding, not shrinking. more d-1 teams...but no professional game so why comment on decisions of others? unless of course you wanted your kid to be recruited and he or she wasn't...