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True that most coaches at the youth level push specialization. However, that is their job to focus on the one sport they are coaching. That said, it is up to the parents to see the big picture. Speak to any sports medicine/orthopaedic surgeon and the overuse/repetitive injury stories are real and being researched. As for a child's mental state, there is less pressure on the child playing multiple sports, creating resilience. If they have a bad day at lax, they can take it out in football. I child that doesn't stress always plays better.

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All true. And btw, they should also play an instrument, learn science, math and great literature. In other words, a well-rounded kid will do better in life and in sport. Having said that, I know a kid who is a great golfer, and all he wants to do is play 24/7. To each his/her own.

If your kids are happy, healthy and confident, they will find their path.