Wow, this is all very new to me. I never would have thought that college coaches looked for the best athletes. The athletes that are recruited to play football at schools like USC or Ohio State are genetically gifted. These athletes are "freaks". They are not that way because they play multiple sports. These athletes are born with a gift that allows them to excel in just about any athletic activity.

Superior athleticism enables kids to "not" specialize yet still excel at multiple sports. Once the gap in general athleticism closes and all the athletes possess a very high degree of raw athletic ability work ethic, IQ, focus, skill level etc... become critical. The need to specialize will come at different times for all athletes. For some it will be 9th grade, for others it will be 11th grade and for others it will be in college.

How many of the high school three sport athletes (football, basketball, lacrosse) who play lacrosse at Virginia were recruited to play football at Ohio State or USC? Not many, they are not that caliber of athlete.