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They all prefer great lacrosse players who can dominate because they are great athletes (and prove that by playing other sports at a high level) or are older (and prove that by playing younger kids).

Correct. This is one of those things that sounds good, and is, but the coaches are hypocritical on the subject. The most honest statement out of all of those quotes was from the Penn State coach ... "I understand that sometimes we are speaking out of both sides of our mouth by saying we encourage athletes to play two or three sports in high school, while the reality is that we're looking to recruit the player who is the best fit for our program, whether they play one sport or three. But all things being equal, meaning that we're considering two players with comparable skills, we'll take the multi-sport athlete."

Because I am pretty sure that they don't want their recruits playing summer soccer club ball instead of lax etc. And I'm pretty sure that they don't mean just play lacrosse from March through May during the High School season.