Reopening this thread from November 2011 as the New [lacrosse] Times has "gotten on board" with the idea of bringing the shot clock into collegiate men's lacrosse. See the details and quotes from the article listed below.

NYT Article : Shot Clock Seen as Jump Starting Sport

Jon Brand (New [lacrosse] Times web site) has published an article addressing the issue of adding a shot clock to men's collegiate lacrosse. Two brief sections are quoted below, but the full article at the link above is well worth reading.


A high-flying sport had been grounded, reduced to a plodding affair by controlling coaches and stagnant rules. Fans were bored, especially late in games, as winning teams played keep-away for minutes on end.

That was college basketball in the 1970s. But to fans of men's college lacrosse, it sounds much like their beloved pastime today.

Lacrosse is often called the fastest sport on two feet, but it has slowed considerably in recent years. That has sparked debate over a measure to speed up the game that men's college basketball initiated nearly three decades ago: a shot clock.


The clock trials will be reviewed when the NCAA men's lacrosse rules committee meets in August, said Don Zimmerman, the committee's secretary-rules editor. In college lacrosse, rules are modified every two seasons, and 2013 is a rule-changing year.

"This is a hot topic," said Zimmerman, who is also the coach of Maryland-Baltimore County, which participated in the fall experiments. "I don't think the shot clock is the cure, but it's something that will be looked at."