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[quote=Anonymous]That's right, she completely favored her daughter (who by the way Just racked up awards like all tournament and all division at cortland, not to mention is their star defender going into the final four ncaa tourney). I hope she brings up the younger one because in case any of you didn't watch the playoff game, Huntington cant play defense! At least her daughter is fierce on D and gives her all every single time she's on the field which anyone could see from a jv game, she was one of the best players on the field by far which is pathetic considering she's a 7th grader playing with 9th & 10th graders. You people are all absolutely insane, why don't you go say this to the coaches face you cowards.

The reason you don't say it to the coach is that she will punish the player with limited or no playing time. The AD supports this action. BTW isn't it the coach's responsibility to teach and train the players to play defense if it is a problem?