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As a parent of a child who's son did Blue Chip it is widely known that at the parent meetings it is encouraged to repeat either 8th grade or do a PG. I think that if a child is planning on doing a PG he should play in the year he or she is in until they PG. There is a player on a 2018 team that is a 2017 and has yet to PG but is playing down. What if he decides not to PG. Would that team be cheating? A lot can occur between now and the PG year.

Until lacrosse goes to birth year format this will always be an issue. As a youth soccer player there players on my team that were in the year below class wise but because they were born in November and December of the year I was born they had to play with us.I always thought playing up was the best way to get better not play down.

This is standard operating procedure for 3D. They play kids down all the time. If you play on one of their teams your real 2018 could be benched for a 2017 playing down (or kids from another region, it is about winning to attract more parents). I know of two instances of players playing down one weekend and committing at their actual grad year the next. Understand it is all about the club, keeping the D1 dream fresh so daddy keeps checks flowing.