Sorry for taking a left turn about this on the 'Boys 2017' thread. Also trying to tie together the 'Player Passes - what's your view' and the 'Advancement in Player Passes'.

The goal is to police player traffic for safety and fair competition, right?

IMO, this only applies to YOUTH tournaments. US Lacrosse takes this all the way to U19. Structured, photo ID, Player Passes is the only way. Since US Lacrosse has promoted itself as the governing body of YOUTH lacrosse, it is their responsibility to get this done. US Lacrosse must mandate and include a Player Pass as part of their membership. They've hooked us all in for insurance coverage purposes so now they need to include the Player Pass as parts of it's service.

The problem is HIGH SCHOOL tournaments are where the college coaches are going to do their recruiting. They simply do not have the time or resources to travel everywhere. HIGH SCHOOL has to be grade based because that is how college recruiting classes work.

Any ideas on how to bridge the gap between YOUTH and HIGH SCHOOL?