Posted on February 18th, 2021


Coaches can streamline data collection and easily provide feedback to players and parents. Multi-coach synchronization allows you to see your staffs evaluations live so you can quickly identify players to watch while they're present. And it is completely customizable:

Custom Metrics - decide which athletic and mental skills to assess and notes to record
Custom Coaches - give directors admin level control to lock down a player status, saving everyone else time
Custom Groupings - pool players into groups, identify and resolve conflicts and leave the field with your rosters set

Automatically organize quantitative metrics such as 40 yard dash or shuttle run into a leaderboard. Best of all, this data integrates into the ConnectLAX recruiting platform to track player performance data over time. And it is free to club partners for all ages and has already been used for supplemental spring tryouts.

Teams have been using the ConnectLAX player database for years, primarily for ongoing feedback to families, sometimes for tryouts. Now this evaluation tool has been built from scratch to run as an app, updating in the background to maximize speed without the additional download.

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