Posted on February 24th, 2021

Millon Lacrosse is celebrating 25 years as the nation’’s premier provider of youth lacrosse instruction with lacrosse camps offered in over a dozen locations. The Millon camps will feature more day camp options than ever before to allow players to develop their individual skills and still attend their respective club team practices but overnight camps for those seeking more instruction and development. Additionally, Millon camps are offering a free Warrior/Brine lacrosse head for every individual who enrolls.  


In 1994, Millon Lacrosse was established by Mark Millon - one of the best lacrosse players of all time. Mark Millon is in the lacrosse Hall of Fame after a highly decorated high school, collegiate, professional and Team USA career.   Since the inception of Millon Lacrosse, it has attracted nearly 30k athletes from the United States and foreign countries as far as China. His goal was to give back to this great game that gave him so much and to share his knowlege with the young players of tomorrow and has not wavered ever since. Not only are the camps staffed with elite coaches handpicked by Mark himself but Mark too attends each camp.     


“”More than any on field accomplishments, my proudest lacrosse achievements lie in the number of young players that I have taught the game to during the past 25 years. Over 28,000 boys have come through in that time and thousands have played big time high school, college, and even pro lacrosse. What’’s allowed us to stay around this long is a massive and unwavering focus on player development and fundamentals. Executing this vision with drills on a hot summer day is really tough, I have seen so many camps fail because they just don’’t have the energy or passion to do it. So many camps will simply roll the balls out, let the kids play games, do very little hard core coaching, Its hard to stay around with that model. Today, with evolution of the “”club"“model kids need individual instruction more then even and I have more energy and passion for it than ever”” said Mark Millon, Founder/Director of Camps. 


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Tom Michaelsen