Senior Spotlight Q&A w/ Jake Demert from Bay Shore High School

This week, Back Of The CAGE caught up with the #21 ranked senior on Long Island and from Bay Shore High School, Jake Demert for our weekly Senior Spotlight series interviewing a new senior each week.

Jake Demert was a Defense & Midfieldman who received national recognition and also was acknowledged by the coaches who had to game plan around him each game as the top defender in Suffolk Division I played for Bay Shore High School. Now committing to Brown University, let's see what else he'll achieve being a Multi Position Lax player in his college years.

Q&A w/ Jake Demert

Back Of The CAGE (BOTC): When you found out last year that the season was going to be canceled, what was your initial reaction and how did you deal with it and keep your spirits up?  
Jake Demert(JD): My initial reaction was disappointment and sad because I was looking forward to playing one more year with the current seniors at the time. During this time I worked out a lot to pass the time and keep spirits high.

BOTC: What is your favorite saying from your Coach Tim?  
JD: My favorite saying from coach Cox was when he would call the Demert clear which would consist of me running the ball from the end-line to the attack.

BOTC: Having missed out on playing last year, how much extra motivation (if any) does it give to you personally and to your teammates in the short amount of time that you guys have been practicing together?
JD: Missing that year gave our team the motivation we needed being the very young and inexperienced team we were this season.

BOTC: Although you missed last season, how much more will you treasure this season as this will be the last time that you will be playing high school lacrosse before going on to play at the collegiate level?
JD: With missing last season this year’s season was a very important and special season for my team and I.

BOTC: What made you choose to attend Brown University, and what other colleges were you considering?
JD:: I chose Brown because of the amazing academics and the opportunities that will come with an ivy league diploma and when I was on campus it just felt right for me! During the process I obtained many offers but in the end I narrowed it down to 3 which were Boston University , Lehigh, and Brown.

BOTC: Are you superstitious and do you have any pre-game rituals?
JD: Yes before every game I have a special stretching routine I run through before 90 percent of my games.

BOTC: What's on your playlist before games?
JD: It can range a lot from AC/DC and other rock bands to rap artists.

Rapid Fire Q & A's:  
  • Favorite Food? Fresh Fish
  • Favorite Movie? Chasing Mavericks
  • Favorite Sports Team? Dallas Cowboys
  • Favorite Athletes? Ezekiel Elliot

See some of Jake's career athletic accomplishments below: All-Division, All-County, First Team All-Long Island, All-American, 2021 Suffolk County Defensive Player of the Year.

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