Senior Spotlight Q&A w/Tyler Schwarz from Shoreham Wading River High School

This week, Back Of The CAGE caught up with the #2 ranked senior on Long Island and the #11th Ranked Recruit in the Country from Shoreham Wading High School, Tyler Schwarz for our weekly Senior Spotlight series interviewing a new senior each week.

Tyler Schwarz has shown great hard work when it comes to being a Faceoff, LSM man. And this shows him being on the Top Ranks on Senior LI and in the country for lacrosse. He has chosen to attend UNC because of its atmosphere, the players, coaches were all amazing, and felt like a family based on how they treat each other. He's one of the most awaited Lacrosse athletes to be followed in his college years.

Read below to get a closer look at the Faceoff, LSM:

Q&A w/ Tyler Schwarz

Back Of The CAGE (BOTC): When you found out last year that the season was going to be canceled, what was your initial reaction and how did you deal with it and keep your spirits up?  
Tyler Schwarz (TS): When our lacrosse season was canceled my initial reaction was that I was very surprised at how serious the pandemic really was and I felt very bad for our seniors not being able to play one last time as a wildcat. Dealing with it was tough at first not being able to do much after a couple of weeks I started weight lifting a lot more, every day for about an hour to an hour and a half, and playing lacrosse in my backyard.

BOTC: What is your favorite saying from your Coach Taylor?  
TS: My favorite saying my coach says is “Bad habits is a like a good bed... easy to get into but hard to get out of.

BOTC: Having missed out on playing last year, how much extra motivation (if any) does it give to you personally and to your teammates in the short amount of time that you guys have been practicing together?
TS: Missing out last season gives my teammates and me a lot of motivation, not having last year really hit us hard knowing we had a great team and almost everyone from our state championship team but that’s in the past. The team present now is motivated to do better from what we had and to do our best in the short season to hopefully get another shot at being champions.

BOTC: Although you missed last season, how much more will you treasure this season as this will be the last time that you will be playing high school lacrosse before going on to play at the collegiate level?
TS: I will treasure this season a lot. Missing my senior football year and half of my lacrosse due to injury makes me never want high school lacrosse to end. The bonds we have created are amazing.

BOTC: What made you choose to attend UNC, and what other colleges were you considering?
TS: Choosing UNC was not a hard choice. Right, when Johnny and I got to campus the atmosphere was awesome. The players the coaches were amazing, they always made sure to let us know that everyone at UNC was family. The coaches overall really sold it for us, my first meeting with Coach Breschi he made it seem like I’ve known him for years. Other colleges I was considering were John Hopkins, Virginia, Syracuse, Cornell, and Navy.

BOTC: Are you superstitious and do you have any pre-game rituals?
TS: I’m very superstitious, every game day I have wear to a necklace that can only be worn on game days. I must drink a strawberry banana body armor. Also, I have to listen to “Thanks for the Memories” by Fall Out Boy.

BOTC: What's on your playlist before games?
TS: My playlist consists of different genres of music like rap, country, pop, and classical.

Rapid Fire Q & A's:  
  • Favorite Food? Steak
  • Favorite Movie? Spider-Man Far From Home
  • Favorite Sports Team? New York Jets
  • Favorite Athletes? Russell Wilson

See some of Tyler's career athletic accomplishments below: All Division Football-2018. All Division Football-2019. All County Football-2019. All Division Lacrosse-2019. All County Lacrosse-2019.

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