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Thank you for the info. Unfortunately his travel coach wants him to start getting use to a long pole for 4th grade. So I have no choice but to purchase one.

I would question any travel coach suggesting that an 8 year old needs to start playing with a long pole. Like one of the earlier posters said - he should be working on stick skills, body positioning, and footwork. Any good coach should know that.

Obviously your kid does not play travel. EVERY travel team from 4th grade up has the defense with a long pole. This is my son's 2nd year with a long pole and if it is cut to a proper height he will be just fine!

When my son was in 4th grade he wanted a long pole many do. He was given a 6ftr. About an hour after it was given to him he asked me if I wanted to see his SHLONG. I nearly passed out laughing (im a dad).

I said Wha, what! He said my short long pole. Shlong for short! He took a hacksaw or dremel to it and was happy with his creation.

It is okay for them to get used to a right sized pole and have fun. All of the bloggers are right though, don't get your son pigeon holed. Have them play with all the sticks he can IN BOTH HANDS!!!

Just remember he is in 4th grade, the team he is on now may not be the same team he is on a year or two from now. Make good friends and it all falls into place.