A short synopsis of the major changes is provided below:

Maximum length of the goalkeeper stick has increased to 52.

All game balls must be NOCSAE certified and contain the NOCSAE seal.

Head coaches must meet with officials with 10 minutes on the pre-game clock. A minor foul may be called if a coach fails to make a timely appearance.

The official timer (or score table personnel) may sound the horn to indicate a possession timeout during a live-ball or dead-ball situation.

The number of timeout requests during regulation is increased from two to three per team.

After a goal, the goal scoring player must drop her stick or hand it to the nearest official. She may not adjust her strings in any way.

Teams will be allowed a maximum of three stick check requests per game.

Defensive players may move through any portion of the goal circle. The player directly defending the attack player with the ball is the only defender (other than the goalkeeper) allowed to remain in the goal circle.

Any foul committed after a goal is scored will now be called and penalized whether a cardable foul or not. Play will restart with a free position at center rather than a draw.