US Lacrosse has announced the final rules revisions for the 2013 National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) boys’ lacrosse rules and the 2013 US Lacrosse boys’ youth lacrosse rules. The NFHS rules are written with the guidance of US Lacrosse and the youth rules are a product of US Lacrosse written as modifications to the NFHS rules with guidance and approval from the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Committee and the Men’s Game Rules Subcommittee.

“US Lacrosse has been a big proponent of sport safety for many years,” said Stephen Berger men’s game director at US Lacrosse. “With the addition of new youth-specific rules in 2012, we look to improve and evolve yearly so that we provide a platform for skill development as well as the guidelines for the safest, most enjoyable playing atmosphere possible.”

Both sets of rules revisions share a point of emphasis for the 2012-2013 season – hits and checks to the head and neck. The NFHS also emphasizes properly worn equipment, sideline sportsmanship and field dimensions while the US Lacrosse youth rules stress unnecessary roughness, cross checks and cross check holds.

The US Lacrosse boys’ youth lacrosse rules carries the overarching theme of player safety and sportsmanship throughout the 2013 revisions, calling special attention to the 2012 NFHS Rule 5 Section 4 rule, regarding checks involving the head and/or neck which has been further clarified for the 2012-2013 season.

The 2013 NFHS and US Lacrosse boys’ youth rules are in effect for fall 2012 competition.

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